“Florent Pagny is particularly positive”: also sick with cancer, his friend Éric Serra gives his news

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ÉRIC SERRA SICK Composer Éric Serra faced great solitude for five months. Suffering from a raging cancer totally incompatible with Covid-19, he should not have survived the virus. INSTAGRAM @ERICSERRAOFFICIAL SUPPORTED BY A SINGING STAR The famous 62-year-old composer spoke to Le Figaro magazine. In remission, he received support from a famous singer! INSTAGRAM @ERICSERRAOFFICIAL ...

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The singing star Jenifer presents her residency in Corsica

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A PASSION FOR THE ISLAND OF BEAUTY Since her childhood, Jenifer has been captivated by Corsica. She grew up there and does not fail to visit her maternal family whenever the opportunity arises. INSTAGRAM@JENIFEROFFICIEL AN EXTENDED FAMILY The former coach of The Voice is originally from Corsica. Palneca and Serra-di-Ferro are the main villages she ...

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“He had cheated on his wife”: Nathalie Marquay makes revelations about her relationship and the past of Jean-Pierre Pernaut

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“HE HAD CHEATED ON HIS WIFE”: NATHALIE MARQUAY MAKES REVELATIONS ABOUT HER COUPLE AND ON JEAN-PIERRE PERNAUT’S PAST Nathalie Marquay was the guest of Allo Alex's YouTube channel. An interview in which she discussed the signs she receives on a daily basis from Jean-Pierre Pernaut since his death in March 2022. INSTAGRAM @NATHALIE_MARQUAY_PERNAUT NATHALIE MARQUAY ...

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Death of a Married at First Sight candidate at the age of 33

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MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT, A HOT SHOW On M6, Married at First Sight is a ratings success. And in many countries around the world this is also the case, notably in New Zealand. M6 MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT ALSO EXISTS IN NEW ZEALAND In this land of rugby, the first edition took place on October ...

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