Don’t throw away the cardboard tubes anymore, what you get out of them is very valuable


Cardboard toilet paper rolls can be reused to create something unique. Here is the discovery we are going to make you make.

The cardboard roll

There are many ways  to recycle objects  that seem to have no purpose after they have been used. In fact, in DIY art, you may “have to” use seemingly useless elements that in reality turn out to be incredibly valuable.

This is the case with some particular cardboard rolls. We all use  toilet paper  in the bathroom every day. When it runs out, the roll needs to be replaced. Once the paper is finished, only the  cardboard roll remains  .

It has a cylindrical shape and was created with the aim of serving as a holder for toilet paper. In fact, this last element is wrapped around this cardboard during the various production phases.

Most people, when they run out of toilet paper, will tend to get rid of that cardboard roll without much effort and throw it in the trash.

However, what you are about to discover in our article is incredible. In fact, we will show you how  these cards can potentially be reused  . The only thing you have to do is “preserve” these elements and use them later to create something creative and unique.

Here’s what you can make from cardboard toilet paper rolls  :

The cardboard rolls and the creation you can get

If you have experience in DIY and a little free time, you can really get involved in  bringing more and more unique and innovative ideas  to life. The solution we propose in our article could really simplify things for you in a certain aspect. Which one? You just have to discover it with us!

The cardboard roll

The first things you’ll need to get are  cardboard toilet paper rolls  and some  old poplin fabrics  . Even small pieces of fabric will do the trick, as long as they’re big enough to completely “cover” the various cardboard rolls you’ve carefully saved.

Using a ruler and scissors,  you can measure the fabric you need and cut it precisely and quickly.

Another element that must come into play at this point is the  glue  . In fact, it will be necessary  to cover the entire toilet paper box with glue  . Then,  wrap the previously cut fabric around it  . The different fabrics can have different colors and details according to your tastes!

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