Here’s why unfaithful husbands don’t leave their wives


When two people meet and the relationship develops, no one thinks about infidelity. On the contrary, the union is made for life. But after a few years, the passion weakens, boredom begins to appear and the risk of unpleasant surprises increases. In many cases, infidelity does not take long to occur, but curiously, most men who cheat do not abandon their wives. To find out why, in this article you will discover the 5 reasons why these husbands do not dare to leave.

In France, almost 45% of marriages end in divorce. However, this rate has improved in recent years, since in 2005 it reached 52%. Therefore, married couples divorce less and less. Studies have shown that the longer the marriage lasts, the fewer couples divorce, with the five-year mark being the most difficult to cross, as it is during this period that the separation rate remains the highest.

What can cause infidelity?

Routine in the relationship, lack of communication or simply a passing adventure… The reasons why a husband cheats on his wife are diverse! According to sex and relationship therapist Dr. Megan Fleming, a man cheats because his needs are not being met in the relationship, whether emotional, sexual, or otherwise. However, starting an extramarital relationship is often due to a lack of communication between the couple. It is the duty of each of the two parties to clearly express their expectations and present themselves when they feel discomfort.

Ultimately, every problem has a solution! You just need to talk to yourself and listen to yourself and, if necessary, seek advice from a therapist.

Infidelity, hide it or admit it?

If admitting infidelity can provoke unwanted reactions, hiding it can also create a climate of suspicion. Therefore, there is no decision model to follow, it is all a matter of personality.

The man who wants to be sincere above all.

This type of man takes his partner’s feelings into account (even if it is a little late), prefers to recognize his mistake and try to correct it.

The narcissistic man who wants to say anything to make his partner suffer

For this type of man, infidelity is never overlooked, since it does not appear as a weakness but as a weapon to hold the other down and make him suffer.

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