How to descale the iron simply and effectively!


Ironing clothes  is an operation that not everyone likes because, let’s face it, it is a bit  tiring and boring.

Sometimes, then, the iron throws a tantrum and  ironing  becomes even more difficult.In fact, how many times have you noticed a  small jet of steam  or  white/grayish flecks  coming out of the  holes of the iron  and staining your clothes?

If this has happened to you and continues to happen to you, don’t worry, it’s just  lime that has settled in the boiler  and on the hob.



Therefore, today we are going to see together  some simple and economical natural remedies to free the iron from limescale and have straight clothes with little effort!

NB   We recommend that you always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. In case of breakdown, consult the person in charge.

Water heater

The part where  lime deposits the most is the boiler  , since it is continually exposed to water.

So, first of all, we will focus on cleaning and  descaling this part of the iron.



For this operation, there are  two remedies  you can try… Let’s see them together!

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