Yellowed toilet bottom, run to the kitchen to get rid of it immediately: just one drop is enough


Have you noticed that your toilet has a yellowish bottom and you don’t know how to whiten it? Don’t worry, thanks to some natural ingredients that you find in the kitchen you can easily solve this problem. Here are all the solutions you can use to remove the unsightly yellow stain from the toilet.The yellowish color of the bottom of the toilet is due to the formation of limescale caused by water. The unpleasant effect of yellow stains contributes to making the toilet look dirty and that is why it is necessary to intervene with specific solutions. Detergents and degreasers are not always effective against yellowing, but fortunately there are natural ingredients that quickly make the toilet shiny again and perfectly free of yellow stains.Coarse table salt  is one of the most effective remedies for  removing yellowness  from the bottom of the toilet. To get the desired result, put a little at the bottom of the toilet and let it sit overnight.

The next day, rub your toothbrush on the bottom of the toilet and then flush it. The result will be surprising and the yellow stains will have completely disappeared. If any yellow halo still persists, repeat the procedure. The remedy is  effective and also economical  .

White vinegar

Vinegar is also an easy ingredient to find, in fact you can find it in the kitchen. You can use any type of vinegar, however it is advisable to use white vinegar, which is also suitable for household cleaning. Here’s how to prepare an effective solution to remove yellow toilet stains:

  • 3 glasses of vinegar
  • boiling water

Mix the vinegar and boiling water  in a bucket and pour everything down the toilet. Allow a few hours to pass and then flush the toilet. In addition to perfectly cleaning the bottom, the solution is also ideal for unclogging the drain when it is blocked due to lime.

For effective results you can use vinegar along with baking soda, another natural ingredient found in the kitchen. Use the two ingredients following this procedure:

  • Put a lot of baking soda on the walls of the toilet.
  • Spray white vinegar placed in a spray container.

Let it sit for a few hours  and then flush the toilet. The whitening action of baking soda and the descaling action of vinegar will free the toilet of yellow stains.

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