A clean and shiny house, these ingredients are enough: everything is like new again


Having a clean and shiny house without working hard is the dream of any person who has to deal with household chores, be it a woman or a man.

Making it only with natural ingredients and seeing how everything comes back like new may not exactly be a dream, but an applicable reality. Are you curious to know what it is?

Housework, a necessary job

Unless you want to end up in one of those programs in which only a company specialized in cleaning and disinfestation can free us,  the house is cared for and cleaned more or less

The smartest ones, those who work outside the home  and those who cannot afford a maid  , prepare a kind of  roadmap,  in which for each day of the week they must (  obligatory) take care of  doing the work at home.

For example, given the bad economic times, to save on bills, Saturdays and Sundays can be  used for washing machines and irons. Always of course  if you have joined the two-hour slot.

In the end it is simply a matter of  readjusting certain habits  and not succumbing to the customs of civilized life.



In addition, if we want to go further, we also have several tips like  Marie Kondo’s  and similar that in the end make these operations lighter, even without having much technology at home, as  seen in some viral videos on the networks. social. .

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