Here are natural tips for cleaning your iron


Every detail counts when it comes to our appearance: From haircuts to makeup, we attach a lot of importance to our physique and we spare no effort to be at least presentable. Notably, our clothes are one of the most important aspects of our appearance. The iron is a tool that allows us to give a clear, wrinkle-free appearance to our clothes. However, through use, an iron can accumulate dirt and burns, here is how to clean it.

For the most obsessive among us, details matter. Photoshopped magazine photos unconsciously cause us to chase away every imperfection in our appearance. The same goes for creases in clothing and for this reason, an iron seems to be an essential tool to remedy them.

The iron can be complicated to clean

The iron is one of those tools that we cannot do without if our appearance is of any importance to us. If the latter is relatively easy to use, the heat it emits can be problematic: A moment of inattention, an impromptu phone call or repeated use can cause burns or dirt to appear which will be difficult to get rid of. . Don’t panic, we are here to give you several tips that will allow you to restore shine to your iron.

7 tips for cleaning your iron

There are several ways that will allow you to  clean your iron with natural and inexpensive products , it will mainly be a matter of choosing the one that suits you best:

1 – Salt

An essential product in our kitchen and an essential flavor enhancer, salt is one of those natural products that can replace chemical cleaning products. What people less know is that  salt is a great way to iron your favorite iron. Sprinkle a cloth with several spoons of salt and plug in your device. As soon as it is hot, iron the cloth, sliding over the grains of salt. Once the stains are gone, turn off your iron and wipe with a damp cloth when it is cool enough.

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