Aromatic herbs: 10 plants to grow only in water all year round.


Herbs: 10 plants you can grow all year round in water

Did you know you can grow    herbs in water    ?

If you don’t want to fill your kitchen with pots and pans that can dirty the shelves, you can “learn” how to grow    your    favorite herbs in water.

To do this, you must    avoid using tap water    . However, if you decide to use tap water, it is essential    to aerate it overnight so that the chlorine evaporates    .

Obviously, it would be advisable to use water that contains    trace elements and minerals    , such as well water and rainwater.

For this technique it is necessary to place the plants in    dark or amber pots    , since the roots are usually in the dark. However, if you only have    clear glass jars, you can wrap them in colored paper    .

At the same time, by using    narrow-necked containers    , such as glass bottles, the plants will be able to maintain their upright position.

Read on to find out which plants you can grow in water.

Aromatic herbs: 10 plants to grow in water.

Place the pot in a well-lit area after adding clean water. If you do not want to see your plant flower, you must cut the plants with the buds, because after this action the plant will end its cycle and die. So be careful.


French tarragon is the most popular in cooking, but there are several types. All your plants should be planted in spring and their slow growth requires clean, light water.

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