Do you know the bag method for removing encrusted limescale from taps?


Limescale is a type of dirt that, if left unchecked , risks taking over.

Very often it hides in places that we wouldn’t even imagine, think of the area behind the toilets or in the holes of the shower head.

However, there are other elements that should not be beyond our control. I’m talking about faucet filters! Today we will see together how to free them using the bag method!

First, let’s see what it takes to continue with our effective and fast remedy!

In detail you will need:

Water to taste
1 plastic bag (the one for food will be fine, it must be quite rigid)
1 elastic
These are the elements that will make your faucet filters look like new and free of dirt and limescale!

Inside the bag, in addition to water, you will need to put a natural ingredient that can act by removing stains and cleaning everything.

Below, therefore, I will bring you all the most effective remedies that help counteract the appearance of limescale and restore the shine of the tap to use in the bag!

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