The trick to easily defrost a freezer in just a few minutes


The Trick to Effortlessly Defrost a Freezer in MinutesTo maintain your freezer and increase its lifespan, it is important to defrost it when necessary.

The ice that accumulates on the walls of your freezer affects the performance of your appliance.

Especially since this can lead to excessive energy consumption, which will drive up your electricity bill. Apart from that, here is how you can defrost your freezer easily and in a short time.

Frost forms at every opening in your freezer when moisture gets inside. So much so that even the fresh foods stored in our freezer can release moisture.

When the moisture comes into contact with the cold, it turns into frost, which accumulates on the walls of the freezer. If the freezer does not have an automatic defrost system, it is important to defrost it manually.

Why is it important to defrost the freezer?

As frost builds up on the walls of the freezer, it forms an insulating layer that results in less heat transfer between the air inside the freezer and the refrigeration system.

In order for your household appliance to maintain the internal temperature at the same level, it must use more energy.

The accumulation of frost not only causes increased energy consumption, but also leads to poor food shelf life and shortens the life of the freezer.

Also note that a layer of ice as small as 3 millimeters increases the freezer’s power consumption by 30 to 40%. Apart from that, it is advisable to defrost the freezer as soon as the layer of frost has reached 2 to 3 millimeters.
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