If laundry continues to be hard and wrinkled, this is the solution


Hard and wrinkled laundry? There is only one solution and the experts in the sector reveal it: nothing else will be needed.

liquid in the washing machine
What to do if the laundry is hard and wrinkled ? There are not many solutions, other than the natural ones indicated by professionals in the sector. There are obviously several factors to take into consideration to prevent this from happening, but in any case with the help of these ingredients you will finally be able to have excellent and soft laundry. These are the recommendations of the experts.

What are the causes of hard, wrinkled laundry?
There are several possible causes for washing machine laundry that is wrinkled and you need to pay attention to these factors:

Washing machine overloading
If your washing machine is loaded with too much laundry for its capacity, it may not have enough room to spin and move freely during the wash cycle. This can cause the garments to knot and wrinkle.

Using an unsuitable wash cycle
Some wash cycles, such as high speed or strong agitation cycles, may be too vigorous for delicate fabrics or items that require special care. Be sure to select the appropriate wash cycle for your items and their level of delicacy.

Lack of uniform load distribution
If items are placed unevenly in the washing machine , for example if some items pile up in one place, tangles could form during the wash cycle, causing wrinkling.

Hard and wrinkled laundry
Items that are too long or bulky
Some clothing items, such as long dresses or padded jackets, can be difficult for the washing machine to handle. Protruding parts or bulky details on these items could cause knotting or wrinkling during the wash cycle.

Washing machine mechanical problems
In some cases, the problem could be related to a fault or mechanical problem with the washing machine itself. For example, a loose belt or drum malfunction could cause wrinkled laundry. In this case, the assistance of a technician may be required to resolve the problem.

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