You’ve never had such great-smelling laundry: grandmothers’ trick revealed


Do you dream of always having fragrant, clean laundry? Experienced housewives will surely already know this very effective trick that was often used by our grandmothers in the past. Try it, you will hardly be able to do without it.

Toothpaste in the washing machine
If there’s one thing grandmothers know how to do perfectly, it’s definitely laundry. Those white sheets smelling as if they just came out of the laundry are a timeless classic. But what is their secret? Today we’re going to reveal an age-old trick that our grandmothers passed down from generation to generation for irresistibly fragrant and hygienic laundry. And you know what the best part is? It’s much simpler than you can imagine!

The first step to perfectly scented and sanitised laundry is to make sure that your washing machine is in perfect condition. Often, the washing machine drawer can accumulate detergent or fabric softener residues that can compromise the effectiveness of your laundry.

But how best to clean the drawer? We start by using an anti-static cloth to remove dust and any hair inside the drawer. Next, we can use half a tube of toothpaste cut in half to scrub the interior surfaces well and remove all traces of dirt.

This age-old trick will not only allow us to keep our washing machine clean and efficient, but will also help us to obtain more fragrant laundry from the very first cycle! Try it yourself and you will see the difference. And if you want to get even better results in your laundry, always remember to pay attention to the seal of your washing machine. With an old toothbrush you can easily remove any residue on the gasket and thus ensure perfect hygiene of the machine as well as impeccable laundry!

Before washing, make sure your washing machine is in perfect condition

Before doing your laundry, it is important to make sure that your washing machine is in perfect condition. There are a few steps you can take to ensure that your washing machine is clean, and one of the first steps is to clean the drawer.

The washing machine drawer is often a place where detergent residues and dirt accumulate. For this reason, I recommend using an anti-static cloth to remove all traces of dust or debris from the drawer.

Another very useful trick to always have a flawless washing machine is to use half a tube of toothpaste cut in half. Yes, you read that right! Toothpaste can also be used as a natural detergent in your washing machine.

How do you do it? Simply insert the other half of the tube into the detergent compartment and start the washing cycle. This simple solution will help sanitise fabrics and make them softer.

Bucato profumato con questo trucco

Ultimately, if you want to achieve optimal results with your scented laundry without having to spend too much money on expensive or environmentally harmful products, pay attention to the maintenance of your machine before use and do not underestimate the natural and effective properties of toothpaste!

Perfumed and sanitised laundry with this age-old trick: with the other half of the tube of toothpaste in the washing machine
The grandmothers’ trick for perfumed and sanitised laundry is really old, but still works great today: use the other half of the tube of toothpaste in the washing machine! This method is particularly effective if you want to remove stains from tablecloths or underwear. Simply place the other half of the tube in the washing machine drum along with the laundry, select the desired cycle and start the machine.

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