Blackened bathroom fixtures, how to whiten them in 5 minutes without bleach: the natural solution


There is a method to whiten our bathroom accessories without using bleach. Here’s how.

In our homes, some surfaces are very difficult to clean and so we find ourselves having to deal with stubborn dirt even if we use many products.

This can create real discomfort for us, especially if it happens around the white areas of our home where it is more obvious, but often the blackening does not depend on us but on external agents.

Sanitary: here is the effective method to remove black halos
One of the rooms where this phenomenon is most present is the bathroom. This is due to the presence of abundant humidity that forms in this room due to the use of water vapor.

After a shower and a body treatment, it is deposited on the surfaces and particularly along the joints, a black halo tends to form which is very difficult or even dangerous to remove.

In fact, this is formed because there is silicone near the shower, toilet, bidet and sink, which is necessary to prevent water from leaking from these sanitary facilities , otherwise we will find our bathroom flooded .

Sanitary: how to solve blackening

Therefore, when washing the bathroom, you must be careful not to rub these halos too close to these toilets because the silicone could come off and you would find yourself having to deal with excess water and call to an expert.

So, not only will we have damaged the toilets, but we will also be forced to pay money for maintenance and to resolve the problem. But there is an effective method to avoid all this.

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