If Your Walls Have Mold, Using Bleach Won’t Help: Here’s What You Should Do


The presence of mold in the house is always a problem related to excess humidity. And it is not a problem to be taken lightly

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Mold often forms in places that are very humid or where a lot of water flows and there is not much ventilation, such as inside washing machines.

For those who are not sure, its smell is very similar to that of wet clothes left in the washing machine for some time.

It is the humidity that brings mold into the house . The most likely places where there is a risk of it forming are the bathroom, where a lot of condensation is created, basements, but also attics. We can also find it on walls, in closets or in basements.

Removing mold is essential if we do not want the problem to worsen or put our health at risk .

What do we risk with mold in the house?

Health can be seriously compromised if we do not intervene immediately when we notice the presence of mold in the house. Sometimes we realize it with sneezes. When we smell the smell of mold in the air, it means that the spores have attacked surfaces suitable for development. It is best to look for dark spots and spots because they must be removed as soon as possible to prevent them from spreading .

These are the health risks when the spores have already attacked surfaces:

Allergies: spores trigger inflammation of the respiratory tract and allergies in most cases.

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