Detergent and garlic clove, what happens if you combine them: the Japanese method


Let’s create something unique together by simply combining dish soap and a clove of garlic. It’s an amazing Japanese method.

We reveal to you all the secrets of incredible medicine that we are sure you will never give up. This is a really effective method that will help you combat a very annoying problem you are having at home.

The Japanese method with dish soap

Dishwashing detergent is a universal product always present in our homes for cleaning kitchen dishes. In fact, it is also used as an ingredient in many Japanese method recipes, thanks to its cleansing, antibacterial and disinfectant properties.

However, not everyone knows that detergent is also used because it has another secret ability, which can be useful especially in summer.

Today we inform you that you can prepare an incredible recipe that will help you improve the quality of your life at home. This is a method also used by many pest control companies.

Here we explain how to use the detergent and what it is for. To make the recipe complete, you need to add another ingredient, which you probably already have at home. Adding vinegar is optional, however.

Prepare a natural garlic insecticide

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