In summer, open doors do not allow the house to always be scented because the air circulation also brings with it the good smell “preserved” in the house.

This especially happens with floors, which tend to lose their scent immediately after washing them.

But not with our tricks! Today, in fact, we will see how to have floors that smell fresh in summer with these tricks!
Bicarbonate and Marseille soap

The first remedy that we suggest you try consists of combining bicarbonate of soda with Marseille soap , which boast very delicate cleaning properties that make them perfect for any type of material without the risk of damaging them. All you have to do, therefore, is add a spoonful of bicarbonate of soda into a bucket containing about 2 liters of water, then pour in a spoonful of liquid Marseille soap and mix everything.

Then, dip a rag in the mixture thus obtained , wring it well and pass it over the surface of your floor , rubbing vigorously to remove all the dirt. We also suggest that you pass it over the floor several times to fix the good scent!

In addition to bicarbonate and Marseille soap, vinegar is also very effective , as it is able to degrease, but also polish! In fact, we remind you that it is used to make the steel in the kitchen shine!

You will therefore have to pour a glass of vinegar into a bucket of water and add 10 drops of essential oil of the fragrance you prefer. We suggest fragrances such as citrus ones to bring a fresh scent into your home! Once you have obtained the mixture, dip a cloth in it, wring it out well and pass it over the floors: and now enjoy the scent!

NB Remember to never use vinegar on marble or natural stone floors because it could dull or corrode them.
Fragrant blend

If you want an even more fragrant mixture, we still suggest combining more ingredients together to obtain a sort of super-scented DIY floor detergent!

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