How to Grow and Care for Spider Plant


These tough, durable plants can withstand abuse and make a great choice for first-time gardeners.
People are always on the lookout for a plant that will look great in their home. One such candidate is spider plants, which have an interesting history and grow beautifully with little maintenance needed!

Keep reading to learn more about how these green beauties can brighten up your indoor space!

Types of Spider Plants
Spider plants are a great way to add some green into your home decor.

You can find many different varieties, but the most common would be:

1. Zebra Spider Plant

The zebra plant is a fast-growing variety of Spider Plants that has not only attractive leaves but also produces white flowers in the summer and spring.

As it grows, you will notice arching stems with small plants at their end called pistils!

2. Bonnie Spider Plant

The Bonnie spider plant has a more compact growth habit, which makes it perfect for desktops.

It also bends and curls its leaves to imitate life-like branches or vines that are hanging off of trees in nature!

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