Combine these 2 ingredients once and you won’t stop: you will save a lot of money.


Simply combine these two ingredients to save money and not only that: once you try it, you’ll do it every time, every day.

Let’s find out together what ingredients we’re talking about and how to make a multi-purpose soap.

Natural and DIY remedies
The prices of many products have risen dramatically, we see it every time we go into a supermarket to do the shopping. The effects of the war between Ukraine and Russia are clearly visible and are weighing on our finances, even when it comes to household detergents.

Yellow soap with 2 ingredients
Everyone is trying to do what they can to save costs, also in the face of the inevitable end-of-year shock, both in terms of electricity and gas services and the inevitable Christmas expenses.

Now, can you imagine being able to make your own organic detergent at home in the form of pellets, respectful of your skin and the environment (no phosphates, optical brighteners, preservatives or strange perfumes) and at the same time save a fortune?

Don’t panic! Today’s recipe has simple ingredients that are easy to find in any shop. So let’s start by explaining what it is.

Alternative soap with only 2 ingredients
To prepare a natural flavour made with only two ingredients we need to take a bar of yellow soap, one of those soft soaps that you can cut with a knife, in Italy it is called Alga soap and it is based on glycerine and coconut oil.

It looks like a yellow tile and is suitable for any type of hand washing, it is mild and totally biodegradable!

To make ‘our soap with only 2 ingredients’ we have to take the bar of soap and cut it with a knife, it will be very easy because it is soft. We will cut it into small squares, then using our hands we will give it a spherical shape.

But we can make them in different sizes, they can be bigger or smaller depending on the uses we want to give it.

Washable in the washing machine
So once we have prepared all the balls with the soap cut in pieces, we introduce them in a plastic container to which we will add a little bit of talcum powder.

In this way the balls will not stick together and we can use them as we want, in fact at this point our soap is ready and we can also use it for example to wash clothes in the washing machine.

To do this simply place it directly into the laundry basket, one ball will be enough depending on the amount of clothes and how dirty they are. The 2-ingredient soap is also ideal for pre-treating stains by hand.

2-ingredient soap for toilet limescale
This ball can also be squeezed and placed directly into the toilet, obviously not when it is still wet. Wait until the toilet bowl is a bit dry and when pushed well it will stick to the bowl.
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