How to clean your gas burner without scrubbing


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Let's be honest: When we cook, we mainly clean the hob, but often completely forget about the components!

Wrongfully so, because in addition to the plates, cleaning the hotplates is also absolutely necessary. These are materials on which rust can form very easily. And removing it is often very painful!

Now let's look at how to clean them properly!
With vinegar and water
White vinegar, used not only in the kitchen but everywhere in the house, can be used to clean burners and hotplates!

Heat 300ml water and 700ml white vinegar on the stove. When the mixture boils, turn off the stove and then extinguish the plates and burners. Let them soak.

When the water has cooled, remove them from the mixture and wipe with a sponge if necessary to remove any remaining stains. Dry after this step.

With baking powder
Another ally in cleaning is undoubtedly baking soda! It is widely used for cleaning various parts of the house and is also used for burners and stovetops.

Heat a pot of water and bring to the boil. Then add 4 tablespoons of baking soda and let it melt.

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