Encrusted dishes, to make them look new again, use this ingredient: eat it frequently


We cook every day, several times a day, sometimes it is fun, a hobby, other times boring and exhausting. Especially when you have to clean fires and dishes.

These two are the items that get the dirtiest when cooking, spills and anything else ends up there.

Every time you try to clean them in a thousand ways, you soap them, let them soak, with and without detergent, you buy a thousand specific products but no problem. They remain dirty and embedded as before.

How to clean dirty and scaled dishes in just a few minutes
Don’t worry, the solution is around the corner , the thing is that many times we don’t know. There are many fantastic remedies, which allow us to use products that we have at home, and that we often even eat, to solve the problem in the blink of an eye, without any type of desperation.

Baking soda is a valid ally for cleaning mud pigeons
Baking soda comes to us on a thousand occasions, especially in the kitchen it is practically the King, we use it to wash food and disinfect it, to soften food making it cook faster, to descale pots and pans dirty .

And precisely for this reason, baking soda is one of the few products that can make clay pigeons look new again. Simply make a thick paste by mixing baking soda with water and spreading it on the counter. It is important not to cover the gas holes, otherwise it will not turn on again until it dries well. Then you use a sponge to clean the embedded parts and little by little they will be clean and shiny again.

Yellow soap and Marseille soap together, an explosive mixture
Marseille soap can be mixed with baking soda , a spoonful of both products is enough, a foamy paste comes out that spreads over the sponge, on the burners and on the plates.

Yellow soap, generally used in the washing machine , can also be used in the kitchen in minimal quantities. It is spread on a sponge, then it is passed through the stove and finally everything is rinsed well.

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