Stop leaving dirty dishes in the sink all night! It is expert advice.


When you’ve finished dinner, you often have the annoying habit of leaving dirty dishes in the sink . This is common in homes because you no longer have the energy to perform this task.

Although many homes are equipped with modern appliances, such as dishwashers, some choose not to have them to avoid skyrocketing electricity costs.

However, specialists recommend not leaving dirty dishes lying in the sink all night. It is a bad habit that must be abandoned today to avoid repercussions on your health.

Why should we avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink?

Leaving dirty utensils in the sink overnight allows bacteria to grow quickly.

Dirty objects are a very favorable breeding ground for microorganisms, which can then spread to the people around you.

Here explains Lisa Ackerley who is a safety and hygiene specialist: «Dishes are one of the most important issues in terms of hygiene in the kitchen. “You have to take care of it and know why you shouldn’t leave dirty dishes lying around all night.”

He went on to confirm that households without dishwashers are at risk when they leave dirty dishes in the sink for hours before washing them the next morning.

He explained that if you do this gesture from time to time, there is no problem. But it becomes problematic when this gesture becomes a habit. If you leave dirty dishes in the sink every day, bacteria and microbes will develop in record time. As a result, you will not be able to get rid of them.

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